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1. How much is full grave-place installation?

The price of a grave-place installation depends on many factors: on the relief of the place, on the material of the selected monument, measurements, form complexity, hedge, parterres, etc. Therefore, not having precise data about the customer’s requests and the peculiarities of the grave-place, it is really difficult to indicate the price of installation. We suggest contacting our managers on this point. Qualified personnel will listen to Your requests and will help finding the optimal solution.

2. How long does it take to perform the grave-place installation works?

The term of the grave-place installation depends on if You choose the already produced products or we design and produce the monument and other details of the grave-place installation according to the individual order. If you choose the already produced production, usually, all works last from two to five weeks. Therefore, if a particular date of the grave-place arrangement is especially important for You, we recommend not not delaying the ordering of works.

3. Is it necessary to order the gravestone monument and grave-place arrangement in advance?

We recommend ordering the monument and the works of grave-place arrangement in advance as in case of freeze (usually in November-March), works in the graves are not performed, therefore during this period, a set of orders emerges. By ordering the products or services in advance, you will be sure that the works will be performed in a due time for You. You just have to list the desirable terms while concluding the contract.

4. Usually the monument is built one year after the burial. People fear that after performing the works of the grave-place installation earlier, afterwards, because of the sinking grave acre, they will have to repair a newly installed grave-place. Is that true?

It is not essential to wait for a year after the burial. The substructures for gravestone hedge and monument are built on non-lift ground, binding with fittings. In case of grave acre sinking, the hedge and the monument are not affected.

5. What are the conditions of gravestone monument purchasing and grave-place arrangement work paying?

Usually, when ordering the products or the works of grave-place arrangement, the advance pay is taken. The remaining part is paid after the final accomplishment of the works. For the customers’ convenience, we perform the works by instalments.

6. What guarantee is given to the products and works accomplished?

A termless guarantee is given to granite products marked with a special symbol. A 2 year guarantee is given to concreting – mounting works.

7. Do you perform the works of grave-place renovation?

Yes, we dismount old monuments, we repair hedges and parterres.

8. Do you provide the monument portage services?

We provide the monument portage service when you purchase our monument and/or order the works of grave-place installation. In such case, we bring the monument in Telšiai town free of charge, and beyond the bounds of the town, we ask for the portage fee.

9. Can we purchase the forgers’ products?

Yes, we can offer various forger’s products (crosses, suns, hedges, etc.). We also work with individual orders.

10. Can we order the works of grave-place arrangement beyond the bounds of Žemaitija region?

Yes, we work all over Lithuania.

11. Can you produce the monument, install the grave-place according to the project provided by the customer?

Yes, we have a long-lived experience in working with individual orders.

12. If I order the monument which I liked not during the season, while it is not possible to build it because of natural conditions, will I have to take it? If I store it in your company, how much will it cost for me?

When ordering only granite products (without concreting-mounting works), You can take the production at any time convenient for You. The production is kept free of charge.