Action! GRANITE PANELS FOR GRAVE COVERING FOR THE PRICE OF TILES! The discount for the monuments in exposition is up to 30%.

Žemaitijos paminklai UAB is engaged in wholesale and retail of granite blocks which come from all parts of the world. The main supplier of the stock is Emaboda AB (Sweden), which possesses many granite mining quarries. On the request of the customer, panels from 1.5 cm thickness are cut from the stone blocks. The most popular is black granite “Absolute black granite” (Sweden), which is suitable for all products, especially for monuments and grave-place finish. Also, widely used is red granite “Vanga”, perfectly suitable for the grave-places, external and internal finish, and grey polished, burnt or smoothed “Kuru grey” granite, usually used for external and internal décor elements.


We cut granite blocks into panels using funicular stone cutting automatic machine. Consistently prophylactically maintained cables guarantee high quality of the panels and accuracy of measurements as well as narrowness of the cut: about (8-9 mm). We cut about 3.6 metre to the width and 1.85 metres to the height. Compared to disk cutting machine, you save 33% more granite (the width of three-metre machine cut is about 16 mm), the saved panels fully cover the cutting cost. Thus, if you cut granite with three-metre machine in our company, you will almost get it for free. We also cut the blocks brought by the customers.


Žemaitijos paminklai UAB imports granite blocks from:

  • Sweden: black (“Absolute black”), red (“Vanga”, “Tranas”, “Red Rubin”, “Bohus red”), dark green (“Swedish green”), brownish (“Shampania”), grey (“Bohus grey”);
  • Finland: “Aurora”, “Kuru grey”, “Baltic green”, “Baltic brown”, “Balmoral red”, “Eagle red”, “Amadeus”, “Kymen red”;
  • Norway: “Blue pearl”, “Marina pearl”, “Emerald pearl”, “Labrador Antique”, other labradorites;
  • South Africa (Zimbabwe): Impala (“Nero Africa”), Olive green;
  • India: “Vizag blue” (“Orion”), “Viscount white”, “Tan brown”, “Hassan green”, “Indian black”;
  • Russia: “Karelian gabro”, “Baltic” (“Buryj medved”), “Amfibokit” (“Tundra”).

If you have any questions concerning stone block and panel purchase and cutting, you can call: mob. tel. 861280301, or general contacts of the company.